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We firmly believe in safety first, and this is evident in our motorcycle lessons and motorcycle courses. Our motorcycle training courses are structured to equip you with the right knowledge and hands-on skills to be a safe motorcycle rider. Motorcycle courses should equip and prepare you for real life road, street and traffic conditions.

All our instructors are fully licensed, insured, and bonded by Alberta Transportation. 

Primary Course

For beginners

Our primary course is designed for the new rider or someone that has been away from riding for a few years. It starts with an introduction to the bike and slowly builds on each module. We concentrate on slow speed controls, gear changing, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance, and an introduction to road riding. This course prepares you to challenge the Alberta Transportation Class 6 Road Test.

Max 9 students per class.

2 Licensed Instructors.

Time: 16 hours on the bike, 2.5 hours in classroom, with 1.5 hours of road riding

Refresher Course

This course is designed for the rider who has their class 6 and just needs a little more practice to enhance their skills. It is also a great confidence builder. It starts with our basic warm up exercises and moves into our core curriculum. There’s also time allotted to practice those troublesome areas. This course is highly recommended in the springtime or when you first get back on the bike after a long winter!

Max 6 students per class.

Time: 4 hours

Advanced Level 1 & 2

Our advanced courses were developed to take your riding skills to the next level. It will challenge your slow speed control, controlled braking and advance collision avoidance, we will also discuss group riding strategies. This course can also be tailored to your specific needs or desired training areas.

You must complete level 1 before attempting level 2.

These courses require the use of your own motorcycle.

Max 4 students per class

Time: 8 hours for level 1, 8 hours for level 2.

Private 1-on-1 Training

The course uses the exact curriculum as the primary course, only its completed in a private 1 on 1 setting. We cover the same exercises as the primary course as well as the road riding portion. This course can also be tailored for couples or friends on request to a max of 2 students. 

Designed for 1 on 1, but will accommodate 2 students max

Time: 16 hours on bike and 2.5 hours of classroom. 

Can-Am Spyder / Ryker Course

Our NEW Can-Am program will take the new rider and transform them into a confident operator of the three wheel Spyder / Ryker models. The course will start with learning the basics, ensuring the unit is ready for the road, throttle control, starting and stopping, moving around the parking lot at low speeds, and practicing emergency procedures like emergency braking and obstacle avoidance.

Max 3 students per class

Time: 3 hours on the lot, 3 hours on the road and 2.5 hours in classroom


Our Bikes

We use multiple styles and sizes of motorcycles to assist in helping you learn how to ride. They include a cruiser, dual purpose, sport bike, and a mini naked style. We have a bike to fit your needs!

Harley-Davidson Street 500

This is Harley-Davidson’s answer to “I want to learn on a Harley!” It has a low seat height, standard controls and enough power to keep up to the big guys!

Honda CBR300R

Don’t let the 300cc engine fool you, this small package packs a lot of punch! This is a great bike to learn the required skills to challenge each corner with a smile.

Kawasaki KLX 250

This dual sport motorcycle puts the fun back in learning. It’s 35″ seat height makes it easier for the taller folks to enjoy the ride instead of being cramped up on a little bike!

Honda Rebel 300

With its 27” seat height, this little cruiser will make learning simple and fun! The seating position and power to weight ratio makes this entry level motorcycle a top contender to master the course skills.

Kawasaki Z125

This little bandit will help you start your riding career. It’s small stature shouldn’t deter you from hopping on and learning the basics. You may just want to take one home!

2022 Honda Grom

Our newest members to the fleet shouldn’t be overlooked due to their size! The new 2022 Honda Grom is the perfect motorcycle to develop and practice your riding skills. The 124cc engine and 5 speed transmission will put smiles on your face for the whole course! You might even want to take it home when you’re done!! This unit is the perfect all around training motorcycle.

Honda CB300 RAK

The CB300 RAK is the perfect entry-level motorcycle for urban use. With its improved low-rpm performance, a more upright seating position, this bike may be your go to city streetfighter!

Can-Am Ryker 600 - LJMA Can-Am Riker Training School Calgary

Can-Am Ryker 600

Can-Am Spyder F3


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