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My riding life started back in the early 60’s and I’ve watched the motorcycle industry change over the years but even after five and half decades one thing has never changed, and that’s my passion for riding. I’ve been a licensed motorcycle instructor for 20 years and as an instructor I try to impart in a student the fundamentals of riding properly, safely but also allowing a student to experience the absolute joy and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. I currently ride a 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.




To deliver a premium motorcycle training school experience and safely prepare individuals for a long and enjoyable riding career.


We are a bunch of riders who believe that good habits don't happen by accident. We all have a passion for sharing our knowledge and experiences. We're fully trained, insured, bonded and our school is licensed and certified by Alberta Transportation.


We use a building block system. We start with the very basic skills and start building up from there. Each new skill adds to the previous, until you're on the road with the wind in your face!! We also keep a low student to instructor ratio.



Our program is recognized by many insurance companies for a rate reduction. Please check around when obtaining a quotes. We also follow Alberta Transportations guidelines for course curriculum and are monitored regularly by Alberta Transportation officers.

We spend a total of 16 hours riding the motorcycles. Approx. 14 hours are spent on the parking lot practising slow speed exercises, gear changing, turns, and emergency braking and collision avoidance. We also spend 2.5 hours of training via a live virtual classroom where we discuss road strategies, types of motorcycles, clothing, and motorcycle dynamics. There is also time for a little Q&A.

We keep our classes small enough to keep a close eye on student progression. With having 2 licensed instructors on the course at all times, this allows us to assist a student if they experience difficulties during the class. This also allows us to maintain continuous movement of all students without having to wait for a student to complete an exercise before someone else is able to start that exercise.

To cement all the skills that you have learned over the weekend, we invite students on a road ride to feel that wind in their face. This is completed on the second day and is at the discretion of the senior instructor. If the student has demonstrated competency of the motorcycle and feels like they have the skills to handle the motorcycle on the open road, we head out in small groups with a lead and tail instructor guiding the group.

We offer several styles of motorcycles to ride during the training course. You may come in thinking you want a sport bike and feel more comfortable on a cruiser or even an enduro! Having multiple options allows students to try before they buy, which could be an expensive mistake!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a building block system. We treat every student like they have never seen a motorcycle before and start on the ground level with “this is a motorcycle”. From there we start with approaching the motorcycle, pushing the motorcycle, picking up the motorcycle up to riding the motorcycle. The majority of the course is spent on the parking lot with slow speed handling, turns, gear changing, and emergency procedures.

The total course is 18.5 hours long. We spend 2.5 hours on the classroom presentation, which is completed via an online platform. Then we spend a total of 16 hours riding the motorcycle.

No. We supply the motorcycles for our primary courses. Refresher courses and Advanced courses will require the use of your own motorcycle though.

No. Due to hygienic and safety reasons, we do not supply riding gear. Each student must bring their own gear. If a helmet is dropped, it could be compromised. If we are not told that the helmet was dropped, it may not performed as required if in an accident. Therefore, we do not supply PPE.

A DOT motorcycle helmet (full face prefered) sturdy jacket (leather, denim, or cordura / kevlar) Full fingered leather gloves, eye protection, pants (leather or denim), over the ankle leather boots (no leather sole boots), and rain gear. Also, it’s best to dress in layers.

No. The Alberta Transportation road test fees are separate from the course cost and are paid directly to Alberta Transportation.

With the changes to motorcycle examinations, we cannot supply motorcycles for the road exams.

No. You will need it before challenging your class 6 road test but it’s not needed to attend our course. You will need a class 5 or better. Review the Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook to best prepare for your exam here.

Yes, sometimes motorcycles find a way to lay on their sides. We ensure everyone wear all their riding gear while riding, no matter what the temperature is! Safety is our number one concern. This is a slow speed training course. There’s no way to eliminate the risk of falling, but it’s better to have a low speed incident on the course rather then out in traffic.

Of course! We have several styles and models to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

FAIL is First Attempt ILearning. You must complete each exercise in the course to receive your certificate. However, if you don’t complete the course in the time allotted, we will work with you to finish the course. *extra fees may be required.

  • Course cancelled with >30 days prior to course date,  full refund minus $100 admin fee
  • Course cancelled  with 15 – 30 days prior to course date, 50% refund
  • Course cancelled less than 15 days, no refund.

There will be no refund once a course commences.

Rescheduling fee:

  • >30 days = no charge
  • 7 – 30 days = $100
  • <7  days = $200

We do not cancel for rainy weather. Courses in the springtime may sometimes have to be rescheduled because of dangerous weather conditions. We realize this can be inconvenient and we appreciate your understanding. Your safety is our first priority. If we have to cancel because of weather or reasons beyond our control, we will do our best to reschedule to dates that work for you.


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